A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Vale-City-Arcade is a fetish game that I created in collaboration with the artist Vale-City. In this game you create a team out of 23 different playable characters and win the eponymous Vale-City-Arcade Tournament.

Install instructions

Windows installation:

Run the self-extracting 7zip exe to unzip the game. Open the games folder and start game.exe to start the game.

MacOS installation:

In order to be able to play the game on MacOS, you must first unpack the zip file. Open the extracted folder and move the Vale-City-Arcade file to the program folder and start the game.

ATTENTION! This game is optimized for Intel Mac's and Windows PC's and runs poorly on Apple Silicon.

Savegame transfer:

You can transfer a save from an older version by copying the "save" folder in the old version to the new versions game folder. If you do this, please always make sure that your old version is compatible with the new version. 

Save Location on Windows: App Location -> Vale-City-Arcade - Windows Version XXX -> save

Save Location on MacOS: App Location -> Vale-City-Arcade (Right Click and then - > Show Package Contents) -> Contents -> Resources -> app.nw -> save

ATTENTION! This version is compatible with Version 1.13 or higher (excluding Version 1.16). Also make sure to check out the patch notes by clicking at the version number at the title screen.


Vale-City-Arcade - Windows Version 1.37 902 MB
Vale-City-Arcade - MacOS Version 1.37


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I extracted the game but whenever I click open after, it asks me if I want to extract again. Am I doing something wrong? (Windows)

Windows installation:

Run the self-extracting 7zip exe to unzip the game. Open the games folder and start game.exe to start the game.

that's the thing...I unzip it but can't find the folder.

It appears that when it is extracting. The file shows up, but when it finishes extracting, the file disappears.

I can't help you much with the current information you gave me.

But my guess would be that the file is corrupt. Have you tried re-downloading the game yet?
Or that there is not enough storage space and therefore it cannot be unpacked. To unpack the game, you need about 2.5 times the free storage space of the packed file.
Or you or the program may not have write permissions on the medium where the file is located. That means just move the file to the desktop and try again.

It is working perfectly fine now. All I had to do was click on the file when it showed up during the download and open the game along with cancelling the download. Now the file stays.

if only cat bro.. if only

Will this be available to androids soon?

I don't plan on adding support for Andorid or iOS.

Install joiplay  in Google play

how to fix this?

Just download the newest version of the game.

so, I'm having trouble with the game not being able to load textures, like fog,  or circle for some reason, and it happens after the enemy uses 5 pepsi, every single time without fail, i don't know if anyone else is having that problem, or i'm just being a idiot on why it's doing that

Have you re-downloaded the game yet? That might fix the problem. Sounds like corrupt files to me.

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no, i didn't, thanks

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Love the game so far.

A few things I have noticed:

  • Mouse works until you want to select a target in battle. Hopefully this will be fixed.
  • Alina's first use of "Sucking Fat" always has a delay before going forward.
  • There's no bonus for playing on higher difficulties.
  • Alina is coded as a "Neutral" yet is not able to use Boob/Butt-only items.
  • Using the "Belly Rub" move does not update a character's size.

I would very much like to see more characters, hopefully a healthy spread of boob, butt, belly, and neutral. I think it'd be worth having "hybrid" characters as well. They'd have double weaknesses to compensate for their greater flexibility. Hourglass (Boob + Butt), Pregnant (Boob + Belly) and MILF (Belly + Butt); or if you can think of better names go for it.

Once I unlocked Alina, it was REALLY easy to sweep most of the fights once I got her rolling. I'm wondering if Charlotte will be the same.

Thanks for your feedback. However, it would be better if you post your feedback on DeviantArt or Discord. Because I rarely look at the comments here and only saw your contribution by chance. However, some of your points are really interesting and I will take care of fixing these issues with the next update.

The thing about using the mouse in combat is that the characters overlap. You must see each character as a square object. Selecting with the mouse is therefore really impractical and that's why I disabled it on purpose.

However, I can't find the delay that you mention with Alina. It could be that you have the animations disabled and there is some remaining animation delay maybe. Because at the beginning there is a bite animation on the targeted character.

The difficulty levels are only there to challenge yourself. I deliberately didn't hide any benefit or rewards behind higher difficulties. Because that would give players who can't handle them the feeling of not being able to experience everything in the game or being treated unfairly.

You're right about the equipment, I'll adjust that with the next patch.

Belly rub on yourself really isn't working as intended. I will also fix that with the next patch.

I think characters that have two types at the same time and therefore double weakness are very impractical. With only three types and only a maximum of 24 planned characters, I think that's difficult to implement. There are already and will be some new characters that have multiple body types, but only one at a time. So there will be no type combinations even in the full game.

Alina is still pretty OP. So it can be expected that it will get a small nerf in a future update. I hope that doesn't come as a surprise.

With Alina's Sucking Fat, I do see the bite animation. But it takes a little bit before that starts when I use it for the first time in a battle. She will move up, the game stops for a bit as if calculating or loading (during this time, Alina is still bouncing so it's not frozen), then the bite will happen and she starts "drinking". Any use after the first in a given battle will not have that delay between moving up and the bite.

This happens on both Some and All battle animations for me, and the Eating animation setting doesn't affect it. The only time it doesn't delay is when I have battle animations set to "None".

Regarding difficulty, I was thinking just increase the Tournament Point rewards at higher levels. Still not locking anything behind difficulty that way, yet players succeeding at the challenge can unlock things faster.

Alina getting a nerf isn't a huge surprise to me. Although it's probably because I am using her ability to deny BP from her targets that makes said sweeping so easy. The first fight is often the toughest for that reason.

Is the game maybe on a hard drive, not an SSD? Because this one animation is something special and I don't think it's preloaded. I probably don't notice it because my hard drive is a bit faster than a normal HDD or SSD. But I will see what can be done to load this animation at the beginning of the fight when Alina is involved in the fight. Then the delay should no longer be present on slower systems or slower storage media.

Since you can change the difficulty at any time and the points are not calculated per round but at the end of a week, this would only be exploited. Play the first three fights on easy and then defeat the boss on hard to get more points for example. As I said, the level of difficulty is only there to challenge yourself.

It could be because I run it off an SSD and not the internal HD. It's worth testing.

Regarding the check on difficulty, totally get it. Especially since you'd probably need to rework a good chunk of the game's code to make that idea work.

Just like the other reply's, it can be your hard drive, but it may be others. I could try to pinpoint the root cause by answering these questions:

What OS are you using?

Do you have a HDD or a SSD?

How fast is your processor?

Is your OS and/or processor x86 or x64?

How much RAM do you have?

With info you give me to answer the questions above, I will (probably) be able to help you out with your problems. After all, I LIVE for computer hardware maintenance and repair.

I need to make the food stuffs lady eat everything in her store, and then belch obnoxiously.

This is important.


hey as a suggestion in a future update could you make it possible for us to get all the vendors stuffed or secret ways for us to get them big

I want to look at the pngs, but I can't for some reason, is there anyway how to?  I don't want to redistribute them for my own purpose, I'm just curious and I don't want to have to go through the whole game to see them.

If you only want the pictures in high quality you can subscribe to the artist that made them on Patreon to download the high quality PNGs of all things that are in the game. Here is the direct link to the post.

Bruh just started the game and memories from Vale City hit me. Already a big fan of Miranda. Maybe I give Vale City another Playthrough and then focus more on this game 


I like the concept. Still good ol vale city fighting.

Pain in the ass to re-level up your fighters every time.

Also, the enemy food budget is way too much, seemingly infinite at times. The player budget needs more leeway for flexibility and fast leveling.

The scanning doesn't  work, health bars and basics info on characters like belly or butt focus would be very helpful.

There also needs to be an auto fail when you can't do any moves, or moves that don't require food to get around it? Maybe have the audience throw food into the arena for the fighters?

Weird to play this game without story or permanent progression. Gaining capacity and shape over time with a finite time limit really added to the allure and tension to the game. 

The artwork is great! The sounds too, though some of the drink animations are long and a little obnoxious.

Scanning does work. Try moving your mouse cursor over enemies or your own health bars to get more info about that character.

the save for the game dose not work at all i keep saving and cant go back to my save at all ;-; and if i leave the game it makes me start over allso the difficulty changer dose not work at all either i changed it to the hardest to test then easy no difference it kinda feels abit unfair cause i wus down to one opponent with 3 of my members and it kinda one man standed us only on the second match this wus after i won only one match and this girl had infant food to bulk up and inf meds to keep her self hungry to eat that inf food she lagit dragged on until i ran out of food there's only soo far i can stretch 400 dollars on the game and the start-up money went to food as well with gear to make sure they could fight better. it needs some balance fixes honestly ;w; cause this is not the first time it  has happened other then that tho 10/10 game honistly 


Does the game have any vore?


Good job, I'm really good so far. Just have a couple questions. 

Is level 5 going to be the highest level for this game?

Why does Lana's belly level not get higher? Is it just not in the game yet or does she do something special?


Great concept but the fights last ages and it always seems like the opponents have an infinite number of items.
I feel like it could use a bit of balancing but its pretty promising!



I seem to also get this error when trying to reload with a save. If I delete the save,  I can get past this error but that defeats the purpose of saving.


You know funny thing when I saw the name Vale-City-Arcade my mind automatically went to RWBY and I thought this was the same idea XD